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  • Welcome to Scarlette Raes

    I'm Lorelle, the founder of Scarlette Raes. A woman who has always felt the need to fit in, constantly striving to be someone else. I thought my sole purpose in life was to find that perfect person or image to mirror yet that was the very thing that made me feel insecure. Fearful that I'll never be good enough and most certainly never be beautiful enough. I saw myself as this sad "Ugly Duckling" always on a mission, finding new ways to mask the ugly because being me just didn't cut it. Little did I know that couldn't be further from the truth. Alessia Cara says it all in her song.


    Scars to your Beautiful.


    "You should know you're beautiful just the way you are
    And you don't have to change a thing, the world could change its heart
    No scars to your beautiful, we're stars and we're beautiful"


    The Scarlette Raes journey has been an exciting and life changing one so far. What started out as merely a fashion & style blog, sharing my love for fashion & style as well as my own personal journey of facing insecurities and fear of imperfection is slowly transitioning into something more. I saw a need for an online community of women, a community where women of diversity come together to support and celebrate each other. Today SR is a platform where you'll find everything from beauty, fashion and style with real stories of real women who have overcome their own insecurities and fears. Keep an eye out for our awesome Guest Bloggers as they will share their own real stories with us.


    I truly hope you will join us as we embrace and celebrate our beauty as Women.

    I am Lorelle!

    Choose to Love Yourself!

    Remind Yourself that You are Beautiful!

    Live your life as a Woman of Worth!

    I am Lorelle!

    Remain Teachable

    Say Yes to Healthy Change

    Embrace & Celebrate Your Beauty

  • Behind the Scenes


    I am so blessed to have Parents who taught me the value of giving. I truly believe we all have the capacity to give, whether big or small. I also know we tend to think of money when we hear the word giving but there are tons of other ways to give. You can give in kind, show love or give of your time, of which I think time is the most challenging.


    When I made a decision to give back, I knew it had to be an organisation close to home and close to my heart, in fact it was the easiest decision ever.


    Project Hope SA


    “Project Hope is a registered non-profit organization, with a vision to positively impact the lives of children in the Northern areas of Port Elizabeth. Founded in February 2000 by Mariana Crompton, we aim to address the neglect, abuse and poverty suffered by children in the Helenvale, Bethelsdorp, Bloemendal and Booysens Park suburbs. Gang violence, substance abuse and the high unemployment rate in our city has made for a formidable task, but shining a beacon of hope, and seeing the lives of hundreds of children improve, makes every effort worth it.” – from the Project Hope SA Website





    Thank you for your interest in working with Scarlette Raes. Inspired by a love for fashion, style, beauty and real stories of women overcoming insecurities and fears.


    We are super excited to have you here and look forward to hear from you.


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    Guest Bloggers

    Health & Fitness - Food - Travel - Reflections

    Meet our Guest Bloggers - Women who love and embrace who they truly are. REAL WOMEN with challenges just like you and me. They choose to love and be loved. They do their best to succeed in life and celebrate their victories with an attitude of gratitude and humility. Sure there are times they fall short and fail miserably, this is when they cry and sometimes even scream of frustration and hopelessness but it's not about the fall, see these are women who fight back and their comebacks turn out to be greater than their fall. They get up, dust themselves off and keep on going with more determination and drive because they overcome and conquer failures. They use them as learning curves and stepping stones. They have a heart for people and learned - to give is to receive! They celebrate others and cheer them on to never give up and lose hope. These women know that life is a gift but living A GREAT LIFE IS A CHOICE. I know you'll find their real stories, tips and nuggets of wisdom fresh, fun, encouraging and motivating.

    Verna Samson

    Hello, I am Verna, I am a wife to Brandon and mom to Jessica and Jodi. I live to inspire, motivate and celebrate people. I love real people, I love fashion and believe everyone needs to find their own style and fit. I love life, I laugh loudly, and cry easily, saved by grace and eternally grateful.


    I am passionate about speaking to women about understanding who they are and finding their God given purpose. I live my life to inspire others as I tell my story of overcoming various obstacles without shame. I connect with people and that is truly the edge that set me apart from anyone else. I believe that we all have a unique story to tell and in sharing you inspire someone else to share theirs. Life is meaningful when you can live a life with freedom and celebrate yourself from the inside out.

    Tarryn Knight

    My name is Tarryn Knight. Like most women these days, I’m constantly balancing many roles, responsibilities and pleasures in my life. In my sport, we call that being a “Slasher”. For example, I am a Corporate Manager (slash) Marketing Expert (slash) Christian (slash) Devoted Wife (slash) Sister and Daughter (slash) Mentor (slash) Flexibility Instructor (slash) Pole Dancer (slash) X-Pole Brand Athlete.

    Jade Heleta


    My name is Jade Heleta. I’m a medical sales rep and a registered nurse. I enjoy good food and wine, and then working out the next day. I also enjoy traveling. For almost two years I’ve been banting, (not the extreme version) and I’m enjoying it. I love cooking, but even more so, I love the fact that Port Elizabeth has improved over the years when it comes to fine dining. Find me on Instagram (@JadeHeleta) and Twitter (@JadeHeleta).

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