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10 Must Have Tops for your Wardrobe

8 Part Wardrobe Checklist Series

I am super excited to announce my first series. The Wardrobe Checklist Series is a 8 part series and I will share 1 with you each week. Very few of us can truly say we are clued up on wardrobe essentials or creating a wardrobe that actually works for us. I know I was part of the clueless choir until recently when I learned that a little bit of education never hurts.

Yes my Lovelies,  updating your knowledge on the latest fashion, style and beauty trends will most definitely be worth your while. In fact it might just save you some money and closet space of which I am sure you’d like to save on both. I certainly do and I know family and friends just like me who would jump at it.

Just the other day a friend told me that while spring cleaning her wardrobe last weekend she found a top she bought a couple of years ago and she’s only worn it once, since then she forget she had it. Come now, don’t judge I know you’ve all experienced this at least once in your life, right? I know I have more times than I’d like to admit. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s senseless to have a wardrobe filled with beautiful clothes but you only wear about 40-50% of it. The other 60 – 50% get’s lost in the sea of clothes in your wardrobe. How many of you say “I just need more space”.  Well I am sorry to say this but maybe, just maybe you need to do some Spring Cleaning and donate some of those space stealing clothes to charity or sell them at discount prices and make some extra cash.

Oh and please don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying you should lose your unique style by following every single new trend that pops up but it’s not a bad thing to use the latest fashion and style trends as inspiration to tweak your style or even give it a face lift if you think you need one. Experimenting with fashion and style is so much fun. So don’t be shy or afraid to sharpen up your knowledge and become more fashion and style savvy. You never know, you might just discover your inner fashionista while you are at it.

10 Must Have Tops for your Wardrobe

Ok enough motivational talk for now, we’ll chat about finding your inner fashionista again at another time. For now let’s get back to the 10 Must Have Tops every women should have. If not all 10 we should at least have about 5 or 6 of them in our wardrobe.

First up is one of my favourites.

The White T-Shirt

This is definitely one of my favourites. The right cut and style is perfect for a casual look and can be paired with formal pants or skirt to create a more formal and smart look.

The Button Down Denim Shirt

I think everyone need a Button Down Denim shirt. Dress it down for a relaxed and chic casual look or up for a more elegant chic look with a Pencil Skirt or a smart pants and a nice pair or heels.

The Chiffon Top

The versatile silk blouse pairs easily with your jeans or short for a more casual look or can be paired with your work pants or pencil skirt for a more formal look. You can never go wrong with a chiffon top.

The Striped T-Shirt

Another basic classic like your white t-shirt is your striped T-shirt. Best pick would be a long sleeved you can pair with your work blazer or for a relaxed casual look at the beach.

The Lace Top

The Lace is perfect for all seasons and needs minimal accessories as it makes a statement all on it’s own. Pair it with a blazer, slacks or skirt for work or with your favourite denims for a more smart casual look.

The Peplum Top

Looks like the Peplum will be trending for more then just a couple of seasons. We’ve seen it around for more then a couple of seasons now. Do an effortless transition from day to night in the all time favourite trending Peplum Top creating that chic ladylike look.

The Special Occasion Top

Every Women got to have that glamour top for that special occasion or date night.

The White Button Down Shirt

I love how this shirt has become a staple in a Woman’s wardrobe, adopted from the boys. Pair it with your favourite jean for a casual look or a pencil skirt or pants for a more formal look.

The Sweatshirt

Create another easy, relaxed and effortless look with the basic slouchy sweatshirt. We all need one of these.


The Shell Top

Another perfect dress up and dress down top. Whether you need to dress for work or pair it with a jean or shorts this top is very versatile.

The next 5 is my personal additions and favourites

The Off Shoulder Top

The Off Shoulder is back and is a huge hit and I’m sure it will remain a favourite for a while.

The Turtle Neck T-Shirt

Still trending is the Turtle Neck T-Shirt creating a classy and chic look that will fit any dress code from casual to formal.

The Structured Top

The top that instantly adds style to any look. Definitely a staple every woman should have in her wardrobe.

The Oversized T-Shirt

I know this won’t really work for a smart & formal look but I think every girl deserves a oversized T-shirt in her wardrobe. Pair it with your favourite sweat pants, jeans, shorts or tights. Whatever gives you that easy, relaxed and effortless casual look.


The Oversized Shirt

Is another one of my favourites. I love how it gives that relaxed yet chic look. Another trend adopted from the boys.

Well Ladies that is it for now. The Wardrobe Checklist Series will continue in my next post. Oh and don’t forget to leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts on which are your favourites.

Have a fabulous week my Lovelies!


With love always,

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