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2018, My Year of Transformation.

Expectant & Excited

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2017 has truly been an amazing year. I have so much to be grateful for and have never felt more content with where I was in life, personally. In fact I still am. Yes sure, it can always be better but I loved the peace I experienced within my heart and soul. Things didn’t always play out my way but they sure did play out the way it was supposed to. God is truly an amazing Father and to rest in His will for my life is the best feeling ever. My Daddy’s got me, no matter what. As you all saw on social media, I had the best family holiday in the Cape. There was just something special about this one. I can’t really explain it but now it’s time for 2018.

2018, the year of transformation. Yes, my year of transformation and I ready to claim it and own it.

I have this long to do list for 2018, a wish list you may call it. No, it’s actually my hopes & dreams list. A list of all the hopes and dreams I am trusting God for this year. Yes I am a faith girl and truly do my best to live by faith too. Not always easy to do as my flesh is very much alive, something I’m very well aware of but I choose to live by faith, as seeing is not believing for me. It’s just another praise break for me. Giving thanks for the smooth rides and bumps in my road. After all it’s in the bumpy parts I get to grow and mature.

So here’s to another faith year. May Pappa God surprise me as I lean into his love and grace, as I free fall into his will and purpose for my life in 2018.

So here’s to us my Lovelies. May we get out of our own way and start to dream big, live fearless as we love and believe in ourselves more, be and stay empowered, be accountable and own our success and failures, and most of all let us remain reachable as we say yes to and be the change in 2018.

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