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Africa on a Silver Chain with a Swarovski Crystal by Silversmiths of SA

As promised my Lovelies here is another one of my favourites from Camden.

Carry Africa around your neck and close to your heart. I love this beautiful AFRICA on a Silver Chain with a Swarovski Crystal from their Silversmiths of SA Brand.

They have it in the Swarovski Crystal Peridot, Sapphire, Crystal or Rose. So “YAY FOR ME” as Sapphire is my birthstone and I think this is the perfect gift “from me to me”. Yes I said it, this will be my gift to myself this year. Truthfully I see nothing wrong with buying gifts for yourself. Why not, you love yourself too, right so why wait for someone to buy it for you? Just saying. Great news for all you bargain hunters, they currently have it marked down to R270 online at and get it on a beautiful car with a motivational quote. So hurry and get this beauty now.

Fun Fact:
Since I mentioned Sapphire I can’t pass up the opportunity to share a fun fact with you. Way back in the Middle Ages it was belief that the gem protected those close to you from harm and it also represents loyalty and trust.

Happy Shopping!!!

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