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#AWomanInProgress Campaign Lau​nch


Women's Day Celebration

Women Supporting Women

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I know this post is way past it's due date but it's one I cannot skip, it's just way to important. The first official post for the #AWomanInProgress campaign launch, so here it goes Ladies...

The Vision

It all started with a vision of building a community of women who celebrate, support, cheer, encourage, motivate and empower one another by sharing their stories of purpose, vision, perseverance and victory. This is truly the core of this campaign. I believe we all are here for that purpose. Unfortunately that is not the reality we live in today. If you take a look around you'll see more breakdown than buildup. The world will be a much better place if we built each other up instead of breaking one another down. We should be living from a place of celebration for one another instead of self-centered ambition and envy for others. The day I decided to do life from a place of celebration for the success and victory of others my whole life purpose changed. I discovered a new Lorelle, a happier and more content Lorelle. I found value and meaning in my own life story through celebration of others. I truly believe you attract what you put out. The more I celebrated others the more others started celebrating me. I found myself surrounded by people, mostly women who celebrated, supported, cheered, encouraged, motivated and empowered me. Their believe in me sparked a believe in my own worth and purpose for life. God didn't design us to do life by ourselves and for that I am forever grateful. My life was one big mess before I found my community of cheerleaders who believed in me and I want that for everyone else, both man and woman.

We all deserve to be celebrated no matter where we find ourselves. There is always something to be grateful for and that deserves celebration. So my heart's cry is that this Women's Campaign will give women that, a safe haven where they are celebrated, supported, cheered, encouraged, motivated and empowered no matter where we find ourselves in life.

Behind the Scenes

Initially the vision was to start big but with time constraints we had to opt for a much smaller intimate launch. Honestly it turned out to be the perfect setting to start with. It turned out to be the perfect afternoon spent with your girlfriends, sharing real stories of truth, challenges, perseverance and victories. Most of the time we only see the end result of a success story and forget there's actually a real story behind it all. The afternoon sparked real conversations that gave us the opportunity to hear those behind the scenes details. Truth is, most of us never see victory and success in our own lives, feeling "I'm the only one faced with challenges that's just impossible to overcome" and we start accepting that as our reality, which leaves us feeling hopeless and powerless. Little did you known that doesn't have to be your reality, you are not alone and when you hear the stories of others just like you, you find the power within to get up and overcome. We matter, our stories matter and by sharing our stories we bring hope and power to those who lost it in the process.

The Team

After calling on the help of Luchae, founder of My Spreadsheet Brain and Eleanor, founder of Just Ella Bella as my two wing-women at the end of June, we successfully launched the campaign on Women's Day, the 9th of August. Without these two Trailblazers this launch wouldn't have been possible. You are the best brainstorm buddies and team mates anyone can ask for. I love an appreciate you both more than words can ever say.

Our Sponsors

There are so many sponsors who jumped on board without hesitation. Together we put together an event of excellence. Your belief, trust and support helped breath life into this vision. A special thanks to our mainline sponsors Mantis Collection Group, Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism, Pixel Shoes and Jenni Gault International. You believed in the vision and your support means more than words can every say.

Our MC

When I shared the vision of the campaign with the beautiful Carmen Cairncross she immediately offered to MC our launch. She flew down and did a stellar job.

Carmen Cairncross is currently a radio presenter on Jacaranda FM 94.2 with Barney Simon, weekdays 12-4pm on the Workzone, since 2012. Radio has been Carmen's first love starting from community radio stations in Port Elizabeth. Since then she has entered onto the TV scene as continuity presenter on the Afrikaans channel KykNet&Kie channel 145, starred in TV commercials and is also a confident voiceover artist, MC and aspiring actress.
Her love for the media industry flows over to her social media and blogging platforms where she created CurlyCairncross as a brand influencing women to embrace and love their natural hair, curves and inspires all to passionately pursue their God-given purpose".

Our Guest Speakers

Madge Blignaut and Shannon-Leigh Ntshikose are true conquerors and women of victory. They shared real stories that keep hope alive and inspire confidence and perseverance no matter what we face in life.

Madge Blignaut is a Public Speaker,MC , Minister, Life Coach, and Social Entrepreneur who grew up in the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth. She is passionate about the upliftment of her community and fulfilling God's plan for her life. Madge has overcome many obstacles in her life and through her relationship with God is now walking in God’s destiny for her life. Madge co-founded two Non Profit Organisations and is currently Project Manager of Project Hope,a Non Profit Organisation in Port Elizabeth. Madge also started WOW! Women of Wonder, a ministry for single women from age 13 to 113!

Shannon-Leigh Ntshikose is a newly wed, itinerate minister and business woman in Port Elizabeth. Her heart is fuelled with passion to see people come into a greater awareness of freedom through grace. She is witty and charismatic in personality which guarantees laughter in her presence. Her heart enjoys building up people, business and ministry and for that point her counsel has seen her called upon by many influential people in their decision making processes. She has travelled internationally with several ministry trips to Latin America, Northern America, Europe as well as across the South Africa receiving the opportunity to have her passion indulged in serving GOD snd serving people. Currently, she is presenter on God Perspective on God TV and recently launched "My Ribs Your Organs" a book for both singles and married couples that she co-wrote with her Husband Gabriel.

I do think the best part of the campaign is the response from the Ladies who attended. They all walked away feeling hopeful and empowered, which makes pursuing this vision worth it and priceless.

This is what Asha Dana shared after attending the launch.

I am forever changing, forever progressing. What a wonderful experience for me in this forever changing world of ours. I walk away from this event with much more acceptance...


The pieces of my life puzzle makes so much more sense. My experiences, no matter how bad they were, lead me to my true self, my true destiny and has given me the confidence to know I can and will be strong enough to face just about anything life has to offer or challenge me with. For I am forever progressing towards greatness, strength, power, and enlightenment. I am a woman in progress and I am happy in being that woman in Progress...


Viva to all Woman in progress across the Globe Viva! Especially to those that are lonely, hurt and scared. Know you are in Progress, Know you are changing and know you are being formed for greater things. Know that you are becoming smarter, sharper, wiser, stronger and more powerful. For you are a woman in Progress. - Asha Dana

Here's photos of some of the ladies who attended. Sadly we didn't take of each lady. Next time for sure.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will join the conversation and tag yourself on social media with #AWomanInProgress #AWIP.

Stay tuned for info on our next event, it's going to be big and super fun Ladies, so don't miss it. Remember your story matters and it's in sharing our stories we give hope and power to others. So please feel free to email with your own #AWomanInProgress story, You never know, your story might be featured on the blog. So send me those stories

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