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Vision Board Masterclass 2.0

Taking Vision Boards To The Next Level

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Have you ever done your own vision or dream board? It’s super fun right? I remember the first time I was introduced to Dream or Vision Boards. It was way back in the day when Oprah did a few episodes teaching her viewers everything they needed to know about putting your own dream board together. Now if you are anything like me, you probably would’ve done more vision boards than you can count, right? Mine is always big, beautiful and very colourful, with loads of pictures glammed up with glitters and sparkles. You’d think I’m this creative genius just waiting to be discovered, you know? LOL

On the real though, I am no creative genius, not to mention that all my so called masterpieces would always end up in the trashcan. Yes that’s right, they all became hyped-up masterpieces destined for my trashcan. Most of my dreams, visions and hopes for my life on those boards were short lived. They were all stuck in the dream visualisation phase without any real thought or follow-through at all. My vision boards would be just that, a fun, artsy activity destined for the trashcan. Well that was until recently when I made an intentional decision that as #AWomanInProgress I refuse to do another pretty vision board unless it’s done with real purpose and I have a real follow-through plan to realise all these wonderful dreams and visions. Yip, I am done with wasting my precious time and effort on trashcan masterpieces, after all I’m a woman in progress filled with promise and purpose.

So with all that said, I realised there was a serious need to call in extra forces to help me set up an achievable follow-through plan, one specifically designed with success in mind. So who better to call on than my long time mentor and life coach, Madge Blignaut. Let me tell you, this woman is a real life Superwoman. She’s a real woman filled with immense wisdom and knowledge but most of all she’s walked the walk, which makes her the perfect person to call on. Together we took time out of our busy schedules and thoughtfully brainstormed what a vision board truly is and how vital it is to have a good follow-through plan in place if you want to see real results. Madge put together a plan of action that is easy to follow and best of all it’s doable for someone with a crazy busy schedule like me.

So if you are anything like me and want to kick those trashcan vision boards to the curb and create purposeful vision boards with an achievable follow though plan you have got to join VB Masterclass on the 23rd of June as we’ll share the tools you’ll need to take your vision boards to a whole new level. Better yet bring your old vision boards with and we’ll work through them with you. Come and see how much more fun vision boards really are.

Stay tuned as we’ll share more details on the ticket costs and venue. This is an exclusive masterclass with only 10 seats. To make sure you don’t miss out leave a comment below or send us a DM and we’ll add you to our pre-booking list.

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