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CFB & Jenni Gault Lookbook 2

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Hello my Lovelies!!!

The time is finally here for the second CFB & Jenni Gault International Lookbook post.Now there’s so much I want say about this post but I think it’s best if I leave all the taking to the photos, right? I mean you don’t REALLY want to hear from me at this point? It’s all about these two amazing South African Brands showcased here. Two Brands I absolutely LOVE! Oh and a special shout out to Erin for saying yes. Not sure if I’ll be in trouble for pointing this out but this was a first for her and way outside of her comfort zone. I have to say you nailed it Erin. Stepping out of comfort zones, conquering fears, finding confidence and learning to love yourself is the heart of this blog. It’s my own personal journey and I know it’s one for so many of you too. I know we all love the clothes, the shoes, the wow make-overs, beauty tips, pretty pictures and beautiful content on the blog but beauty, fashion and style is not all this blog is about. Yes as women we love it but it is so much more than that, we are so much more than that. So thank you Erin! I am super proud of you.

Ok, ok… before I write a whole other post… without further delays, here we go!!!

I know I said I won’t say much but really now… don’t you agree that this CFB dress paired with JG Jewelery is the perfect dream look? I for one, love this look. Oh and do click on the links to see more and shop CFB and Jenni Gault International. Who said us girls can’t splurge on ourselves from time to time, right?

Ok, now I really think it’s about time I splurge a little too and add to my CFB & Jenni Gault collections. Yes Ladies, I’m the proud owner of both CFB and Jenni Gault pieces. In fact, I wear my JG birthstone ring every single day and my favourite dress by CFB is my Black & White Print Multiway Wrap Dress. So I hope to see you lovely Ladies there when I do some shopping of my own soon.

Don’t miss the next Lookbook post, it’s coming soon, very soon…


With love always,

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