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Come Dine with Me at Muse

By Jade Heleta

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Muse is a small intimate setting that reminds me of stepping into a close friend's home. I would say one feels more like a returning house guest than a patron at this fine establishment. The welcoming attitude, from the staff to the chef, makes one feel at ease almost instantly. The food choice on the menu is rather small, but I see this as a good thing. To me this means that every meal on the menu is a specialty of a very high quality.

The staff working at Muse is knowledgeable about the food and drinks that are served. In addition, their friendliness and knowing how to treat their guest makes up for anything that could be lacking. I have been at Muse many times. with the pork belly, fillet steak and beef short rib as my favourites. I'm told their other mains are as good.

During my last visit, after perusing the menu and going back and forth between the pork belly and the fillet steak, I finally settled on the fillet. While waiting for my meal the most delicious freshly baked bread and a smoky herbed butter was served. Unfortunately I was unable to indulge in the bread as I'm attempting to restrict my carbohydrate intake, so my better half had to take one for the team.

When the food arrived, it looked like it stepped off the pages of the Woolworths food magazine. When it comes to the presentation, the head chef Allan Bezuidenhout really knows how to impress his guests. Each and every item placed on the plate looks like it was meticulously planned out to the very last detail.

What makes Muse such a fantastic dining spot for any occasion is when Allan himself comes to check if each and every guest enjoyed their meal.

Unfortunately, I was unable to sample anything from the desert menu, but from what I could read, see and hear, what other guests ordered looked and tasted great.


This eatery deserves to be visited again and again. Ten out of ten!

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