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Empowerment through X-Pole

By Tarryn Knight

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My name is Tarryn Knight. Like most women these days, I’m constantly balancing many roles, responsibilities and pleasures in my life. In my sport, we call that being a “Slasher”. For example, I am a Corporate Manager (slash) Marketing Expert (slash) Christian (slash) Devoted Wife (slash) Sister and Daughter (slash) Mentor (slash) Flexibility Instructor (slash) Pole Dancer (slash) X-Pole Brand Athlete.

Yes, my workout of choice is pole fitness. How can I be a Christian and do pole dancing too? That’s an apparent contradiction (and misconception) about which I get asked regularly, and it’s a topic for a later instalment.

I’ve “done pole” off and on for about nine years and been an instructor for a few of the latter years. In the rather small pole fraternity, I’m known as “Legs!” because that’s the warning that’s called out when I’m about to do a pole move for fear that I may kick some unsuspecting bystander with my long appendages. I love my sport, I love the time laughing with other woman that it gives me, and I love most the feeling of empowerment it gives me and the women who do it. Women always think they won’t be able to do the tricks and moves that are done on the pole and, when they get it right, there is nothing better than seeing the spark of surprised achievement on their faces.

Whilst I’m not particularly good at pole due to limited training hours caused by the demands of my fulltime job and the travel that comes with it, I was lucky enough to catch the eye of the local importer of X-Pole, UK’s premium and top manufacturer of pole and aerial dance equipment. I won SA’s X-Pole Slasher competition in 2014 and have been a Brand Athlete / Ambassador for X-Pole since 2015.

The challenge that I am constantly facing is that the hours my corporate job demands makes it very difficult to get to the studio and train as I need to in order to be a competitive dancer. At the moment, it is harder than ever before and I’m at that point where I must either fight to get back in the game or let it go. The problem is, I’m the most stubborn non-quitter you’ve ever met, so the latter is hardly an option for me.

After a leave of absence from the competition scene last year (for personal reasons), I’ve recently decided to ease myself back into it. Thanks to the encouragement and tech-savvy of my husband, I managed to film, edit and submit the required video entry for an up-coming pole competition mere hours before hopping onto a plane for another business trip. Now I’m waiting to find out whether I will make it into the competition in the Division I entered, or be bumped up into the Division in which I used to compete, or not make it through at all!

One thing is for sure; I need to start the journey back to pole, back to fitness, back to feeling good about myself. It’s going to be very tempting to just give in to the demand that shouts the loudest but then my body and happiness suffers. I’m sure you have been there and can relate to what I’m feeling. I hope that sharing my journey with you will motivate you to get back into ‘that thing’ you are holding onto with white knuckles, and that committing to blogging about it will make me accountable to you through this journey. Along the way I will share with you how I got into pole, what makes it such excellent exercise, and why being a Christian pole dancer isn’t an oxymoron.

I found out on Monday next week – the 17th – whether I’ll be in the competition I’m aiming for as my first achievement milestone. Wish me luck!

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