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“Enemies of the Heart” Book Review and Giveaway

by Andy Stanley

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2018 is in full swing and it’s time for my first book review, we’ll first ever to be honest. I read a lot but never really blogged on the books I loved reading. So I decided to make 2018 a book review kind of year.

At last year's EC Bloggers Meetup I was one of the lucky ones to win a Christian Art Media hamper. So first up will be one book from my hamper, "Enemies of the Heart" by Andy Stanley, previously released as "It Came From Within".

Now in the words of Doug Fields it’s best you “Read this book with caution!”. This is one of those books that will cause you to dig deep and see the all of you, the good, the bad and the ugly of your true self. Focusing on areas you’d much rather run circles around and avoid than face head on.

I love how he has no time to beat around the bush and sugar coat the truth about the 4 emotional forces that keeps the heart captive.

Andy explains each one in detail, bringing greater understanding and revelation. His book makes you dig deep as you search your own heart to identify what truly controls your heart. A journey that’s not an easy one. well at least that’s what I’ve experienced. He explains how these 4 emotions destroys family, relations, careers and ultimately will lead to your own destruction.

Despite helping you understand each one of these destructive forces the book offers practical and biblical guidance to help face them head on, taking back control and power in your life. Truth is, if you know your enemies, you’ll know how to fight back.

A big bonus is the 6 week discussion guide that can be used in small groups. I find the challenge to change comes from starting the conversation. It’s a great way to challenge, motivate and encourage yourself and others to say yes to change. You’ll be surprised to know how many of us struggle with the same or similar life issues, with these 4 probably being at the centre of most of it. So if you feel cornered by one or maybe like me, all 4 of these destructive emotions here is your chance to win your own copy of Andy Stanley’s “Enemies of the Heart”.

See Giveaway details below.

Good luck my Lovelies.

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