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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

by Verna Samson

VPS Inspire

Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good

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I Love my Curves. Celebrating my changing body has changed the way I feel and look at myself.

After giving birth to my daughters my body has never been the same and I love this body. I love it more than the one I had before kids.

Curves and Confidence goes hand in hand. Accepting my body changes and imperfections made me more aware that I am fearfully and wonderfully made according to Psalm 139:14 that says "I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful, I know that full well".

As women we are always looking for the next best product to enhance our appearance like finding a good skincare range, makeup or serum to makes us feel good and look good. Personal grooming is a topic I love to speak about, It demonstrates the love and respect you have for yourself and how much you care for the body you have been given - be a good steward.

Loving ones body "perfect or imperfect to you" is a daily walk of acceptance. I know women that cannot look at themselves in the mirror for too long, as what they become uncomfortable looking at the "lumps, bumps and stretch marks". I am simply encouraging you to love every part of you, look at our beautiful body and appreciate its daily function and what you have put it through. I know how it feels to have a little extra weight, loosing it and putting it back on again. Living healthier requires commitment, a good attitude, discipline and a good support structure.

You can do it!

Don't forget you're on a journey. Love the body you have now, and if you know you need to make changes, then work towards the body you would love to have. Do what works for you, and remember to celebrate yourself, you're doing it for you. We're all shaped so differently and finding the beauty in that is freeing and liberating.

You are unique, one of a kind.

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