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For All The Girls I Know And Love

Get To Know The Word Of God In A Fun And Creative Way

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Would you believe me if I said this bible brings my inner-girl back to life. I know, right? It sounds silly but it's true. This Inspire Bible for Girls is the perfect bible and... wait for it... even grown women like me. LOL!!!

You all know I love reading books but let me be real for a minute. When it comes to reading my bible it is no easy read. As much as I love the word of God, reading my bible even as a grown woman, staying focused and engaged can be super challenging for me, how much more so for young girls.

Side note and real moment: I don't know why and if it's only me but when it comes to reading my Bible, loosing focus and getting distracted happens so quickly. In my opinion finding the bible that can keep you engaged and focused is a gift. I believe finding a bible that keeps you engaged and allows you to be creative at the same time is any girls dream come true, whether you are a teenage girl or a 37 year old... LOL

I mean, what girl doesn't love colouring or journaling? Fun fact, I just found my high school journal the other day and wow what a blast from the past it was. I loved reading where my mind and heart was at as a teenager and young adult, as well as seeing the growth. It does your heart good to see and know the growth that has taken place in your life. Oooohh not to mention how some inserts left me in stitches. Who knew I had a funny bone in my body?

Anyway, I am digressing, so let's just reel it back in. I truly believe there's value in journaling and taking notes while you are reading the word of God, is priceless. I'm a true read, write and reflect type of person and this bible makes it super easy to do, especially for girls. I love how there’s even a section on bible journaling tips and a whole section with devotional topics.

This bible is a great gift and investment. I will definitely get one for each of my nieces and maybe even keep this one for myself. Honestly, I think I'm hooked and really now, what's wrong with tapping into my inner-girl while reading my Bible, right?

You can find it at Cum Books in paperback or hard cover lux leather either in store and online.

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