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It's a Cool Summer

Holiday Diaries

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Happy 2017 from the beautiful Gordon's Bay.

I haven't had time to blog off late as the prep for my Summer holiday in Gordon's Bay kept me pretty busy and once we arrived here it was go-go-go... holiday activities kept me on the go.

I know this is not a travel blog but I thought it would be pretty cool to share tidbits of my Summer Holiday with you. So here is a peek in the first two days of my "Cool Summer". Let's say this will be a photo travel journal, ok? :-)

This was the big departure from my parents home in Humansdorp. I just love how my Dad always makes a photo priceless. I love this man to death. He is the greatest man I know, truly he is but that is a blog post for another time... lol

First pit stop was Tsistikamma Village. I needed the loo so bad I had to stop lol... that second cup of coffee before we left home was not a plan at all. Think it's best you stick to one before you hit the long road.

These two people are the best people I know and it is a honour and a privilege to have them as my parents. They truly are my greatest treasure in life.

Now this is a priceless. My Mom and Dad with the only two grandchildren they have. Let's hope and pray they'll be blessed with many soon as they are the best grandparents I know. Alright I know I might be bias here but really they are :-)

Finally, the Camphers & Cairncross arrived in Gordon's Bay. Thank God for safe travel mercies as the road was extremely busy. This view is picture perfect, don't you agree? This view for the next 12 days is the best gift.

It is so important to be comfortable when you travel, especially taking a trip longer than 3 hours. Comfort with style is my middle name when I travel. Thanks to Milady's I had the perfect travel outfit.

5 min after our arrival in Gordon's Bay

The girls couldn't wait to hit the pool and lounge on the deck.

Waking up to this view every morning is such a blessing. I can do this everyday...

So that is it for now. I'll post more pics soon. Hope you enjoyed it xxx

With love always,


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