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Knitwear Style Inspiration with TOPSHOP

Scarlette Raes Winter Lookbook

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As you all know by now, Winter is not my favourite season of the year. I'd much rather take Spring or Autumn. I don't know, call me crazy but I'm not a girl of extremes. I'd much prefer a little bit of both hot and cold... LOL

Anyway, let's get to why I did this post. I have mentioned before the two things I love about Winter is the warm and cozy knits we wear and rain but before I talk about my favourite knitwear inspirations for Winter let me just shed some light on a very urgent matter we face in South Africa today. Water restrictions is very real in my country. Right this moment the Western Cape is suffering a huge water crises, in fact it's the worst since 1904. Please click on the Times Live news link below to read more about it.

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille yesterday declared the province a disaster area as it battled its worst water shortage in 113 years -

Photo Credit: Ashraf Hendricks/GroundUp

Truth is, water is a necessity not a want or a luxury, one we all need to survive. YES TO SURVIVE. So many of us take it for granted and water wastage becomes a norm. The reality is that water is a gift and we need to appreciate and treat it as one. Don't use more water than you need to and make sure your taps are closed after usage. Speak up and be an advocate for water by making others aware of the importance of water #savewater #waterisalifesource

Alright, now it's time to get back to some much needed Winter style inspirations. I am not sure if it's just me but every Winter I seem to loose focus of style and just focus on keeping warm. So when I throw something together my main focus tend to be warmth and I complete forget about my own personal style. So I thought a little bit of style inspiration will come in handy. This is my second knitwear inspired Winter post. This time I browsed the TOPSHOP online store and came up with the following knit inspired Winter looks.

Photo Credit:

I hope you will find some Winter style inspiration for your own Winter wardrobe. Please do share if you like and think a friend would be inspired too. Remember to save water and keep warm my Lovelies. xx

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