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Life Is A Journey Not a Race To Compete

Happy Women's Month


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Some choices in life are super easy to make, almost like it’s second nature, you know? Others not so much. See most times for me it's more a "tug-a-war" between what my mind think and what I know is true in my heart. It's making a intentional choice to believe that which you don’t feel or even see. It's tough when a idea or belief has been engraved in your mind for so long, you’ve literally made it a part of your belief system and lifestyle. It’s tough to break through and rebuild and form a new belief that counteract that negative toxic one.

For me one of those toxic beliefs has been my image, my external image that is visible to the natural eye. I basically grew up feeling like the unpretty referred to in the TLC song "UNPRETTY". Oh and not to forget feeling like a nerd with my glasses that's been a part of my life since the age of 4. Oh how I used to hate my chubbiness, that's if there's even such a word, not to forget my glasses and what the status-quo then said they represented. Little did I know my true identity could never be found in the opinions and affirmations of others. Society will always have an opinion and most times it's not positive and empowering. Choose to change the status-quo and find your own PRETTY in their UNPRETTY.

No one can Compare

We each have our own unique beautiful that cannot be compared or measured against the uniqueness and beauty of another. I tell you today, it is impossible. No two people on this earth are the same. Yes we might have similarities but we are not the same and therefore cannot be measured on the same scale. The only person you can compare or measure yourself to is YOU my Lovely. Yes you heard me, ONLY YOU. Measure your growth and progress by looking at where you were in the past and where you are today. Reflect on the journey and see where you can improve going forward. I believe then and only then will you find true value in a journey of life worth pursuing and travelling.

The day I chose to change my perspective on life and the part I played in my own life story, my whole life changed. It's still a process as I have to constantly choose with good intention to love and embrace instead of giving into the negative, toxic and destructive thoughts and beliefs that might still lurk around in my mind. I love that I am on a journey and not a race to compete. I am proud to be #AWomanInProgress.

Happy Women's month my beautiful sisters!!!

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