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My ELLE Treasure Chest

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I love for many reasons and finding the best beauty secrets and tips is one of them. I like to call it my ELLE Treasure Chest and I love digging deep in the archives, you never know what you might have missed.

So this won’t be a long post as it’s late and I love pictures more then words anyway. So I’ll share a gem of a post done by Megan Cahn posted last year titled – 10 Makeup Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know. I personally use a few of these tricks myself and they work wonders.

10 Makeup Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know

I am not a big fan of the foundation brush. I’ll only use it for a more polished look but for my everyday makeup routine I prefer applying it my fingers.

I always start with a nude base shadow for my day and glam smokey eye look. I use the cream base shadow at times but prefer the powder more as the cream can make it crease.

I’ve learned this trick many years ago and it gives me great volume. I apply multiple coats but not too many as I am not a big fan of cakey and clumpy eyelashes although you do find mascaras that create a clumpy look.

Another trick I learned way back in the day and it’s never failed me. It is super easy to do too.

Now this is one I’ve learned from my friend Shannon. A wonderful makeup nugget I absolutely love and as I’ve mentioned earlier I am a huge fan of the nude powder base shadow, it hides that dark circles perfectly.

I am a little bit heavy on the powder because of my oily skin but for those of you with combination, normal or dry skin this is a great makeup trick.

I haven’t tried the next four but I’m super excited to see if they’ll work for me.

I am a real girly girl and love makeup, I especially love how glamorous I feel when I put makeup on but I remind myself each day before I do my makeup that my true beauty comes from within, the outside is only temporary and will fade.

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With love, Lorelle

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