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My Packing List War

Trave Packing Guide

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Hello my Lovelies, 

I'm about to go on holiday and as always I find myself in a packing war. Yes I mean it, it's a real packing war. I love options when it comes to clothes and packing for a trip is always a struggle. What to pack and what not? I seriously just can't deal...

So as always, there I go surfing the net for a good 'how to guide" for packing. If you don't know by now, here is a newsflash... I'm a "google it" fanatic. If I need to know something I simply google it. I am subscribed to so many online newsletters (fashion & style mostly) I can't even keep track anymore. I find them so helpful when I need some DIY guidelines and tips... like how to pack for a summer's trip when you have limited boot space? Yip a family road trip means sharing boot space. How can you possibly deal with that if you are a girl who loves options when it comes to clothes?

Well my beautiful blogger friends, I've stumbled on a jewel of a website and now I just can't get enough of it. The "Travel Fashion Girl" is a real gem for all your travel needs.

So since I have to pack for my 2 week summer holiday in Cape Town I thought the Classic Summer Travel Wardrobe is the perfect list for me. 

As a girl who loves clothing options it should be no surprise that I love the 12 & 15 piece Classic Summer Travel Wardrobe lists. You can mix and match it to your liking of cause and what I love most is that she offers alternative combinations. Check out the different combinations below.

Alternative Combinations


5 Tops + 5 Bottoms + 2 Dresses

(Versatile as shown above)


6 Tops + 3 Bottoms + 3 Dresses

(good multi-climate trips or hot weather)


7 Tops + 4 Bottoms + 1 Dress

(good for varying climates)


8 Tops + 4 Bottoms​

(good for cold climates)


12 Dresses

(perfect for resort & tropical vacations)

 The 6 tops, 3 bottoms, 2 dresses and the old faithful denim jacket is my idea of the perfect combination for my Cape Town Holiday.

As you know I love options so I might just decide to add a cardigan for the slightly cooler summer nights, not to forget 2 or 3 sets of summer pj's, multiple sets of undies, a hobo bag, sunglasses, a hat, 2 swimsuits, flip flops to wear around the house, 1 pair of sandals, a pair of wedge heels, 1 pair of slip on trainers for summer which I think will be nice and comfy for the sight seeing excursions.

I think this is the perfect 2 week summer wardrobe for me. What's your perfect Summer wardrobe for a trip?

Don't forget to click on the Travel Fashion Girl link for more travel secrets and tips. I am sure you will find it very useful when packing for your next trip.

Enjoy the travel tips and happy holidays to you all!!!


With love always,

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