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Oh yeah!!! It's Snack Time...


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Did you know that a healthy eating plan includes snacking? Yip snacking is not all bad. It's all about what you're snacking on. Searching for new snack ideas I stumbled upon this delicious Protein Ice Cream Recipe by Lyzabeth Lopez which I know you'll love. I recently discovered Lyzabeth when I searched for workout videos and nutrition tips. I love how she's an advocate for health and fitness as a lifestyle.


Lyzabeth Lopez is an award winning personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, fitness instructor, TV host, writer and social media powerhouse. Her wealth of knowledge, infectious personality and passion for holistic living has earned her a dedicated following of fitness enthusiasts and highly a respected brand in the health and fitness industry.


So please check out her website and be inspired but first let me share a little bit about my snack life and how I deal with my snack cravings and believe me there are many of them.

I love fruit and find that this is usually my go-to snack, mid-morning and afternoon but since I like variety I decided to add some nuts, sunflower seeds, dried raisins & cranberries this week and guess what, I love it. I don't really have a sweet tooth but I do have my occasional chocolate or ice cream craving and oh when they come knocking I better listen. See I've learned that depriving myself is not the best idea. If I do and ignore it for too long I might just end up over-indulging in the worst possible way and fall down that rabbit hole. Oh and once I'm on my way down it's a struggle to find my way out again because I love -LoVe - LOVE food!!! Emphasis on LOVE FOOD!!! So I choose baby steps I can handle. I know I can deal with the consequence of a small indulgence and not a rabbit hole food experience. No Mam, I've been there, done that and I got the body to prove it. LOL!!! Oh yeah I just couldn't resist, that's just too good not to say. Truth is I am overweight and unfit mainly because I embraced that over-indulging moments a little bit too much and last I heard laughing at yourself is great medicine. So I hope you enjoyed the laugh too... oh and if you didn't, it's ok, I'm not that funny :-) Anyway back to the serious talk, when if I crave I listen and fully assess (yeah I give it a lot of thought) if this indulgence is worth it because me, myself and I will have to carry the consequences all by myself, which means I might have to workout a little harder next time. Yep, truth is actions have consequences ladies. Now please here me when I say there are times you just have to push through and don't cave. You just have to say no that that oil drenched french fries or slap chips as we like to call it. So think it through carefully, always choose the healthiest option if there is one and be willing to put in the extra work to make up for it.

So here is the three main point to remember.

  1. Give it some thought (don't just give in and eat that chocolate honey, weigh up the pros and cons first)
  2. Look for the healthiest option (if there is one...)
  3. Work it off (They say "a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips"  -  Well it's not entirely true if you are willing to work it off honey, so burn away that calories and fat by working out  a little harder next time)

Enough said about my snacking tips, here is the recipe you've got to try.

Protein Ice Cream Recipe by Lyzabeth Lopez



Protein ice cream is a go-to for me because it absolutely cures my ‘sweet craving’. It fills me up and it and actually feels like I’m cheating because it tastes so good. It’s also super quick and easy, and I generally have all the ingredients in my freezer, so I can make it at any time!




  • Frozen raspberries: Raspberries possess raspberry ketones which may have the ability to assist the fight against obesity and a fatty liver.  They’re also rich in vitamin C, manganese and fiber.
  • Vanilla protein powder: You can use whey, vegan or any other. This will give a flavor, so make sure it’s one that you enjoy. This is a great way to enjoy a snack while hitting those muscle supporting protein macros for the day.
  • Coconut milk: Coconut milk is made from the ‘meat of the coconut’. Its very rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides which is a great form of fat to be used as energy.  It’s a little bit high in calories, so it’s best to use in small doses unless you are looking for a calorie spike.
  • Mangos: Adds a punch of sweet flavor to your ice cream while adding skin beautifying Vit A and C and brain boosting B6.
- Lyzabeth Lopez


Resources, photo and vidoe credits - and Lyzabeth Lopez YouTube Channel

I hope you'll give this low carb 3 minute ice cream a try. It's super easy and delicious.

Stay tuned for more healthy living posts. Till next time my Lovelies xx

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