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The Heart of A Mom

The Blessing And Protection found In The Prayers Of A Mother

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Some might think it's strange that I'm doing a blog post on the prayers of a mother but I assure you it's far from it. Along with my brothers, sister and nieces, I am the product of a praying mother and grandmother who believe in the power of prayer, even when we didn't.

Since I received this book "Prayers For A Mom's Heart" by Dalene Reyburn, I've had the most precious and insightful talks with my Mom about how her prayers for her children and grandchildren has carried and protected us for over 41 years. Since becoming a mom in 1977 she's learned the importance of marrying righteous prayer with everything from cough mixtures prescribed by our family Doctor to trusting God for healing and restoration for her daughter and grandchildren through a heartbreaking divorce, something she and my Dad couldn't understand or relate to at all. It was in those prayerful moments, at the feet of a faithful and loving Father she found answers that gave her wisdom, peace, strength, comfort and assurance that all will work out for the good of her family.

Dalene Reyburn is a gifted writer and speaker, sharing truth, courage and hope at ... - Christian Art Media

I love how Dalene truly speak to the hearts of mothers. The prayers are real and relevant. This one made my mom recall a time when all four her children were still at home, all in different age groups. Alone time was a luxury and this made her think of how God made provision for time and space to reboot and recharge when my Dad took us on long afternoon excursions visiting family and friends. Those afternoon excursions with my Dad was heaven-sent to her.

Alone time
God sometimes I fantasize about being all alone.


No babies, bawling. No toddlers throwing toys and tantrums. No teenage eye-rolling.

Strengthen me to be selfless with my time and personal space... to be a fantastic mom.

In her journey of transitioning from being a mom to newborns, to now being a friend of four adult children she learned there's a time and season for everything in life. It truly has been a slow release for her and my Dad but one with great reward.

Slow release

Father, give me appropriate appreciation of my changing role as a mom.

in each season let me wear the colors of grace and joy.

When no longer mom to newborns but friend to adults, help me let go gladly with every blessing...

This book offers easy to read bite size prayers that truly speak to the heart of Mothers. My Mom saw her own journey as a praying mom in each prayer. It definitely received her stamp of approval and she would recommend it to all moms and moms-to-be. It's definitely one I'll hold onto for the day when motherhood comes knocking on my door. I just checked and saw this little gem is marked off at Cum Books online for only R161.00. I think it will make the perfect gift too, don’t you?

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