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The Ahhhhaaa Mom-Moments 

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I had my kids later at age 30 and then 33. Jessica my eldest is now 11 and Jodi is 8. They're sisters by blood and friends by choice. I am enjoying them more at this age, they're so confident and independent and comfortable with themselves. They are assertive and can articulate their wants and needs all too well. At a stage where if they disagree with one another we all can hear it loud and clear, typical sisters who argue and make up just like everyone else their age.

The Ahhhaaa Mom-Moments

Raising these two brings loads of ahhhaaa moments and lots of questions they have, with enquiring minds and discovering many little things about themselves.

Jodi in particular is my enquiring child; she always wants to know why? I sometimes cringe at the questions I get asked, from why Adam and Eve did not wear clothes to why this leave and flowers is this color….. Jessica is more the expressive child, she will paint a picture and will explain her thoughts later. My girls are different yet the same, they communicate very differently but get their feelings across. I am realizing that their love languages are so unique. Jess loves giving, creating and baking is her way of giving to people. Where Jodi on the other hand is very soft and compassionate, loves giving compliments and gives the best foot rubs.

Mom-Daughter Conversations

Lately we're having very deep and meaningful conversations together and one on one. The world we're living in is constantly changing but I have committed myself as their mom not wait for the church, the school or anyone else to have vital conversations with them. It's our responsibility as their parents (together with my Hubby) to teach them and instruct them in the ways they should go. We can ultimately just steer them in the right direction and encourage them with the gift given to them and trust that they will reach their full potential and destiny.

With so many issues of child and women abuse of late in our country we're having continues conversations about why they matter as young girls and why women are being treated so unfairly. This is heart drenching conversation for me as no human being deserves to be abused and killed. The prayer of my heart is that all women and girls will know that they are beautiful, and that they are worth more than rubies and precious stones. I instill in my girls that they are loved not just by us as their parents but by God the Maker of Heaven and Earth. They have purpose and their lives have meaning because of who’s they are. My time alone with them at night time prayers in their rooms is where I take my time and pray prophetic prayers over their lives, I sometimes sing over them as the Holy Spirit leads me, I don’t want to miss the moment! I want them to love God more than they love themselves and us. I believe in practicing what I preach, to them my life should speak for itself.

Embrace & Trust

So in this journey called Motherhood, mothering girls, I take day by day steps in figuring this all out, today is a gift and I choose to make the best of it. Some days can be more challenging as others but I know the Lord is with me guiding my every step and hearing every word, so I rest in knowing that I have done my job as a mom to the best of my ability, but I stay open and learn to be flexible and teachable to receive encouragement from women that has walked in my shoes way before.

In closing, let us never think we know it all; let our hearts stay open for His guidance and His ways and his thoughts that is way higher than ours.

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